Cardiac/Diabetic Products



It is an effective combination of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor & calcium channel blocker which are used for the prevention of cardiac disorder by reducing the blood pressure to maintain its flow. 

Class ACE inhibitors & Calcium channel blocker

Mechanism of Action

Ramipril action can be seen by its antagonizing action on the angiotensin-converting enzyme which reduces the breakdown of bradykinin. On the other hand, Amlodipine blocking action be observed on calcium ion influx, which leads to vasodilation to reduce the pressure. 


Absorption-Slowly but completely absorbed from GIT

Bioavailability of Ramipril-28%-44%

Bioavailability of Amlodipine-64-90%

Metabolism of Ramipril-Hepatic metabolism (75%)

Protein binding of Ramipril-73% 

Protein binding of Amlodipine-97.5%

A half-life of Ramipril-13-17 hours 

A half-life of Amlodipine-30-50 hours

Pharmacological Uses

The combination therapy of Ramipril & Amlodipine proving itself better as an antihypertensive than individuals. Their action is due to the ability to relax blood vessels. So it can be recommended in coronary artery disease, Heart-related chest pain, chronic stable angina, Vasospastic angina, Prevent Strokes.

Side Effects

Worsening chest pain


Slow & irregular heartbeat

Loss of appetite or taste 

Numbness or fainting 

Bloody Diarrhea 

product Interaction

Etoricoxib & Heparin

Some of NSAID’s like Aceclofenac, Diclofenac 

Atenolol, Barbital & Atorvastatin

Alfuzosin, Amphetamine (increases hypotensive action)

Amphotericin B, Amorolfine (adverse effects)    


For a dose recommendation, consult with your healthcare practitioner. 

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