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Etizolam belongs to the thienodiazepine kind of benzodiazepine which is GABA-A receptors agonist high effective in neurological disorders with the number of actions on the body whereas Propranolol is categorized as the beta blockers because it prevents the excessive entry of beta ions in the body


GABA-A receptors agonist and beta blocker 

Mechanism of action

Etizolam increases the transmission GABAergic as it acts as an agonist of GABA-A receptors.Propranolol is able to cross the blood-brain barrier to shown psychiatric action and there it antagonizes beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic receptor.


Combination Absorption Well when taken orally

Protein binding of Propranolol -90%

Bioavailability of Etizolam

Metabolism-Hepatic Mechanism

A Half-life of Propranolol-4 hours

A Half-life of Etizolam -8.2 hours

Pharmacological Uses

The Propranolol & Etizolam are given in combination in order to prevent the patient from a Migraine, Cervical problem, spine disorder, hypertension and depression and also other neurological problems. This combination also having a hypnotic and sedative effect. 

Side Effects

Thirst problems

Malaise and Jaundice

Reduced blood pressure 

Visual disturbance

Anxiety and heart rate increased 

product Interactions

Valproic acid, Tramadol 

Pregabalin, Phenytoin

Omeprazole & ondansetron


As per the doctor’s prescription. 

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PROPRANOLOL 20mg, ETIZOLAM 0.5mg Tablet Blister 10*10