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Pantoprazole is an effective derivative of benzimidazole compound & is an inhibitor of proton pump. It possesses antiulcer activity as it is useful in minimizing the amount of acid secreted in the stomach & disorders associated with us. 

Class Proton pump inhibitor

Mechanism of action

Pantoprazole has the same process of mechanism as that of others Proton pump inhibitor. It is swallowed as a proproduct & after diffusion gets transformed to sulfenamide in that gastric medium to interact sulfhydryl group & inhibit H+ K+ATPase system. 


Absorption of Pantoprazole -Rapidly & well absorbed 

Bioavailability of Pantoprazole-77%

Protein binding of Pantoprazole-98%

The half-life of a Pantoprazole-1 hour 

Excretion-in Urine & feces, biliary excretion 

Pharmacological Uses

Pantoprazole can be used for the prevention of erosive esophagitis, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, stomach & duodenal ulcers, 

Side Effects

Abdominal discomfort 

Intestinal nephritis 

The disorder associated with muscle (bone fracture)



Low white blood cell count 

Elevation in cholesterol level 

product Interactions

Amiodarone (it decreases the metabolism) 

Amitriptyline & Amoxicillin (its metabolism decreases)

Carbamazepine (it increases the metabolism)

Cholecalciferol (it decreases the metabolism)

Colchicine (its serum concentration increases) 


Pantoprazole is administered by the Healthcare professional. 

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