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Omeprazole is classified as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). It is used for decreasing the amount of gastric acid secretion. The active product, Omeprazole is preserved as enteric-coated granules in the hard gelatin capsule shell with other inactive ingredients. 

Class Proton pump inhibitors

Mechanism of action

Omeprazole works on the principle of inhibiting proton pump selectively & irreversibly by blocking the H+/K+-ATPase system which is considered as an acid pump in gastric mucosa thereby this product help to inhibit the last step of acid production.  



Bioavailability of Omeprazole - 30-40%

Protein binding of Omeprazole-95%

Metabolism of Omeprazole-Hepatic 

The half-life of the Omeprazole-0.5-1 hour 

Excretion of Omeprazole -Urinary excretion 

Pharmacological Uses

Omeprazole is used to get relief from the acidic stomach, NSAID-induced ulcers, Heartburn, Abdominal pain, Intestinal & stomach ulcers & Gastroesophageal disease (GERD) & indigestion of food. 

Side Effects

The adverse reaction of Omeprazole is

Blood in urine 


Nausea, vomiting 

A Headache 

Kidney problems 

Dizziness or confusion 

Elevating Heart rate 

Muscle cramps & spasm

product Interactions

Aceclofenac, Acetaminophen (its metabolism decreases)

Amphetamine (its absorption increases) 

Atorvastatin (adverse reaction increases) 

Ceritinib (serum concentration increases) 

Cimetidine ((its metabolism decreases)


The dose recommended is 20mg daily once a day before your meal in the morning (empty stomach) 

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