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Contract Manufacturer of MULTIVITAMINS Introduction Multivitamins is basically a combination of a variety of vitamins which are essential for a satisfactory growth & health of a human being. It is marketed in the several dosage forms Tablets, Drops, Capsules, powders & injectable. It is also available in combination with other dietary supplement & Minerals. Class Dietary supplement Pharmacological Uses Multivitamins are recommended when your daily diet is not able to fulfill the requirement of vitamins in the body or for the treatment of vitamin deficiency. It may be indicated in pregnancy, poor nutrition, weakness, digestive disorder Side Effects ? Allergic reaction ? Itching ? Tightness in chest ? Peeling skin ? Rashes ? Difficulty in breathing ? Unusual hoarseness ? Swelling of mouth, lips, tongue product Interactions ? Antibiotic & Antacid ? Cardiovascular products ? NSAID’s & Sulpha products Dosage For a dose, recommendation consults with your doctor or pharmacist (healthcare professional). We are the supplier of Multivitamin & also a trader of Multivitamin. *The following symptoms are suggestive & needs to be confirmed before promoting or coating anywhere & anybody whom so ever. & its parent company NEWS pharma Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible for its authenticity.

MULTIVITAMINS 1mg Drops PET (Transparent) Bottle 30 ml