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Linezolid belongs to a segment of antibiotic which helps to cure a bacterial infection caused by gram-positive bacteria. It is recommended when the body starts developing resistance or fails to improve the infection. It is active against gram-positive bacteria. It is derived from the oxazolidinone group. 

Class Oxazolidinone

Mechanism of action

Linezolid is an inhibitor of protein synthesis, by interfering with RNA messenger’s translation into ribosome’s protein. This medication concentrate on the earliest step of synthesis of protein. The mechanism is still not clear. 


Absorption of Linezolid-Speedily or extensively absorbed  

Bioavailability of Linezolid-100%

Protein binding of Linezolid-31%

A Half-life of Linezolid-4.5-5.5 hours 

Pharmacological Uses

Linezolid is indicated for the infection of the skin, skin structure & subcutaneous tissue, different types of pneumonia-like community & hospital-acquired pneumonia. It may also be prescribed for the Vancomycin-resistant development cases. 

Side Effects

Discoloration of tongue 

Nausea, Headache, Diarrhea 

Suppression of bone marrow 

Itching & Dizziness 

Abdominal discomfort 


product Interaction

Acetophenazine, Almotriptan (side effects increases) 

Amitriptyline (its serotonergic activities increases) 

Benzphetamine, Amphetamine (its hypertensive activities increases)

Ephedrine, Ergotamine, Imipramine 


The dose recommended is 100mg/5ml or consult your Doctor or pharmacist. 

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