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Rabeprazole is organized as a member of a group of Proton pump inhibitor which is usually prescribed for suppressing the amount of gastric acid to prevent the stomach from ulcers. Itopride is derived from the benzamide & is an antagonist of dopamine receptor which is used to stimulate the gastric movement.  

Class Proton pump inhibitor & Dopamine receptor antagonist

Mechanism of action

Rabeprazole is an antisecretory compound which functions to suppress the amount of gastric acid by inhibiting the functioning of H+/K+-ATPase system which gets activated in acidic medium. Itopride works by inhibiting Dopamine receptor & by inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterases which raise the release & minimize the metabolism of Acetylcholine. 


Absorption of combination-Rapid 

Metabolism of combination-Hepatic

Bioavailability of Rabeprazole - 52%

Protein binding of Rabeprazole-96.3%

The half-life of Rabeprazole-1-2 hours

The half-life of Itopride-5-6 hours

Excretion-Urinary excretion 

Pharmacological Uses

The combination of Rabeprazole & Itopride is prescribed for the functional dyspepsia, Stomach acid, duodenal ulcers, and gastrointestinal problems, smooth emptying of stomach, irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal reflux disease. 

Side Effects

Dizziness & Headache 



Diarrhea & rashes 

Sore & dry throat 

Rhinitis & insomnia

Feeling of irritation 

product Interactions

Atropine (therapeutic efficacy increases) 

Antipyrine (its metabolism decreases) 

Benzyl alcohol (its metabolism decreases)

Caffeine (its metabolism decreases) 

Amphetamine (its absorption increases) 

Cimetidine (metabolism decreases)


Each capsule contains 20mg Rabeprazole of & 150mg of Itopride. The dose recommended is 1-2 capsules per day or as suggested by the healthcare professional. 

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RABEPRAZOLE 20mg, ITOPRIDE 150mg Capsule ALU-ALU 10*10