Cardiac/Diabetic Products



The combination is designed in order to lower the blood glucose level by orally taken products. Metformin is an oral antihyperglycemic product which is used for type-II diabetic patients which are non-insulin dependent class of products called Biguanides. Glimepiride is a long-acting product classified as sulfonylureas used only for lowering blood glucose level. 

Class Biguanides & sulfonylureas 

Mechanism of action

In type-II diabetes, insulin secretion from the pancreas is too little & liver releases glucose in excess, Metformin acts on the liver to slow the release of glucose & also slows the absorption of glucose from the intestine. Glimepiride stimulates the release of insulin by binding to ATP-sensitive potassium channel receptor which reduces the conductance of potassium as a result depolarization of membrane occurs which stimulates calcium ion concentration to induce insulin secretion. 


Bioavailability of Metformin 50-60%

Absorption of Glimepiride-completely absorbed (100%)

Protein binding of Glimepiride-99.5%

Half-life in plasma of Metformin-6.2 hours

Half-life in plasma of Glimepiride-5 hours 

Pharmacological Uses

Metformin & Glimepiride combination may be prescribed for the management of Diabetes (Type-2), Reduces blood glucose level thereby prevents Kidney damage, and Blindness, Nerve problems & Sexual function problems & Loss of limbs. Metformin may prevent the cardiovascular disease.

Side Effects

Cholestatic jaundice

Allergic skin reaction

Photosensitivity reaction 

Hemolytic anemia

Aplastic anemia

Vomiting, metallic taste & diarrhea 

product Interactions

Aspirin (increase mean AUC of glimepiride)

Furosemide (increase Cmax of metformin) 

Vitamin B12


Each tablet contains 250 mg Metformin & 1MG glimepiride & 500 mg Metformin & 2 mg glimepiride.

Consult with Doctor or Pharmacist. 

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GLIMEPIRIDE 1mg, METFORMIN 500mg Tablet Blister 10*10