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Gliclazide is classified as an oral antihyperglycemic (hypoglycemic) agent which belongs to the class of Sulfonylurea which contributes to lower the blood glucose level in Type-2 Diabetic & also increases glucose utilization. 

Class- Sulfonylurea

Mechanism of Action 

The procedure of working of Gliclazide is same as that of other hypoglycemic medications, it binds to Sulfonylurea receptor in pancreatic beta cells which blocks potassium ion channel & then depolarization of cell takes place. Ultimately leads to stimulation of secretion of Insulin. 


Absorption of Gliclazide-rapidly & well absorbed 

Protein-Binding of Gliclazide-94%

Duration of action of Gliclazide-10-24 hours 

A half-life of Gliclazide-10.4 hours 

Elimination of Gliclazide-By the kidneys & feces 

Pharmacological Uses

Gliclazide is used for the Diabetic purpose.  It is prescribed in the management of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes mellitus by controlling the level of blood sugar which further helps in kidney problems 

Side Effects 

Low blood sugar 

Increased skin sensitivity towards the sun 

Abdominal pain & discomfort 

Heartburn & increased heart rate

Nervousness & Unusual tiredness 

Loss of consciousness 

product Interactions

Voglibose & Trimethoprim 

Testosterone (increase hypoglycemic activities) 

Sitagliptin & Progesterone 

Quinine, Ranitidine 

Phenytoin & Pioglitazone 


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