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Febuxostat is associated with the family of Non-purine-selective Xanthine oxidase inhibitors. Febuxostat is used against the production of uric acid in the body. 

Class Xanthine oxidase inhibitors

Mechanism of action

Febuxostat is an inhibitor of Xanthine oxidase active site that is a molybdenum center for reducing the excess of uric acid production in the body. 


Absorption of Febuxostat –less than 49%

Protein binding of Febuxostat-99.2%

A half-life of Febuxostat-5-8 hours 

Elimination-Hepatic & renal 

Pharmacological Uses

Febuxostat is prescribed for lowering the uric acid production in chronic gout & Hyperuricemia. It may also be prescribed in attacks of redness, swelling, pain & heat in joints. 

Side Effects


Nausea & headache 

Hepatic serum enzymes increases

Abdominal pain 

The dark color of urine 

Chest pain & heavy feeling 

Visual disturbance & confusion 

Sweating & feeling of illness

product Interactions

Ambroxol acefylline, Theophylline (it decreases the serum concentration) 

Sarilumab (increases immunosuppressant activity)

Azathioprine & Mercaptopurine 



Each tablet of Febuxostat contains 40mg or 80 mg of active product & the recommended dose is one tablet per day at the same time or consults with your doctor or pharmacist (healthcare professional) 

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