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The agents used in this combination both possesses broad-spectrum action. Ornidazole is mainly termed as an antiprotozoal or antimicrobial because it is used to cure an infection caused by protozoan or anaerobic bacteria and is derived from nitroimidazole group. Cefixime is a cephalosporin of the third generation. 

Class- Cephalosporin and Nitroimidazole

Mechanism of Action

Cefixime targets the third & final step of cell wall preparation by the bacteria by sticking to penicillin-binding proteins & resistance to beta-lactamase on the contrary Ornidazole procedure of working is unique. Due to diffusion product becomes able to enter the cell, & then damage the DNA which produces cytotoxic action after which destabilization takes place. 


The onset of action of Cefixime-within 1 hour

The onset of action of Ornidazole-within 2 hours 

Duration of action of Cefixime-18hours 

Duration of action of Ornidazole-14 hours

Bioavailability of Cefixime-40-50%

Protein binding of Cefixime approximately 60%                                  

A half-life of Cefixime 3-4 hours

A half-life of Ornidazole-12-14 hours 

Pharmacological uses

This synergism is suggested for the number of infections like protozoan infection, kidney infection, infection associated with urinary tract & anaerobic bacteria. It is also used in gonorrhea, chronic bronchitis exacerbation, otitis media, Bronchitis & Tonsillitis. 

product Interaction 

Vecuronium bromide (muscle-relaxant action prolongs) 

Probenecid (increases serum concentration) 

Fluindione, Clorindione & BCG Vaccine 


For a dose recommendation, consult your healthcare professional. 

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