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Trypsin is classified as a proteolytic enzyme or serine protease which performs in hydrolysis & absorption of proteins. It is a Debriding agent & also possesses anti-inflammatory products. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme which is obtained from the pineapple stem & possesses analgesic, anticancerous & pro-apoptotic effects & also inhibits proinflammation. Rutoside may also be known by the name of Rutin is a citrus flavonol glycoside which is present in a number of plants & known to show anti-inflammatory, antiasthmatic, antioxidant & antiviral actions. Aceclofenac plays the role of inflammation. 

Class Proteolytic enzyme & Flavonol glycoside & NSAID

Mechanism of action

Trypsin works by protein hydrolysis that digests protein into peptides & also removes dead tissues. Bromelain helps to break the peptide molecules into molecules of protein & also inhibit prostaglandin synthesis.  Rutoside shows antioxidant effects by increasing the wall strength of blood capillaries. Aceclofenac works on the principle of other NSAIDs that are inhibiting the cyclooxygenase enzyme which is involved in the synthesis of prostaglandin.

Pharmacological Uses

The combination of Trypsin, Bromelain & Rutoside may be prescribed in Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Surgical trauma, osteoarthritis, and angina pectoris, inflammation due to injuries & surgery wounds, Edema & reduce the incidence of hemorrhage associated with diverse etiology. 

Side Effects


Consistency, color & odor alterations in stools


Sensation of fullness

Abdominal discomfort 


Constipation & epigastric pain

product Interactions

Amoxicillin, aspirin & NSAID’s 

Zinc, Potato, Soybean

Ginger, garlic, clover, asafoetida


The recommended dose is 1 tablet thrice a day or consults with your doctor or pharmacist (healthcare professional).

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