Pharma Contract Manufacturing Concept – Power2Pharma






Pharma Contract Manufacturing exemplifies/indicates Outsourcing of therapeutic formulations. This is the simple concept in which a Pharma Marketing Company will distribute the manufactured product from Pharma industry on a contract base, under his specific brand name.

For an example-The Company named as firm A which has a Pharma Manufacturing unit & another company named as B firm which has a Pharma Marketing company. A firm will Manufacture the formulation for B firm under the specific brand name of B-firm & now the responsibility of B firm is to distribute/sell the product in the market by his brand name.




The investment in the business of Pharma Contract Manufacturing is very low in comparison to other businesses. If someone wants to sell the Pharma products, then he doesn’t have the need to open a manufacturing unit of his own as it is not an easy task because it needs a big investment, but in case of Pharma contract manufacturing without starting his own unit his dream of selling can come true.

Pharma Contract Manufacturing is a concept of mutually beneficial for both the companies, the one who is manufacturing the product & the one who gets the finished product.

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